Game Client Architect

To ensure we stay a head of our competitors and continue to build fantastic casino games which is enjoyed by over a four million players so far, we are now looking for a Game client architect to join our team in Stockholm. Our platform consist of the perfect mix of applications and tools where some are battle proven for decades, and some are fresh from the communities. With your passion for innovation and games you will help us evolve our product and continue to deliver outstanding mobile casino games.

You will be responsible for:

  • Evolvement of our client game engine.
  • Making sure we get the most out of mobile phones / browsers
  • Facilitate graphic workers process
  • Ensure we following the trends on graphical performance and enhancements on mobile phones / browsers

Skills and requirements:

  • Experience from WebGl / OpenGL or other 2D/3D rendering API either direct or through a framework
  • Strong competencies in data structures, algorithms, and software design

We value:

  • Understanding web browser development, with focus on mobile
  • Experience from web browser debuggers
  • Pragmatic working approach
  • Comfortable to work in terminal environment, familiar with common GNU tools
  • Experience from Game development
  • Experience from TypeScript, ES6, Babel

Please apply with CV and answers to following questions:

1. What’s your favourite language to program in? Why?
2. What’s your take on JavaScript? Good? Bad? Why?
3. What’s you favourite editor for coding? Please motivate why all developers should switch to your favourite?

Apply by sending your CV and answers to the questions above to : Game client architect