With a passion for games

What makes our company so special is that we are hard and soft at the same time. We are working with statistical models and we create beautiful art. Our characters are brought to life with elegant animations using advanced algorithms.

While thousands of players are enjoying our games, our servers generate hundreds of transactions per second.

Play our games and experience the amazing result from our Stockholm based studio.

We love our games and we are proud of them.

Game development



We have hundreds of game ideas waiting to be transformed to concepts. Sometimes the transition is smooth and sometimes we get stuck. Our experience is that the best game concepts have a strong game model and an inspiring theme that fits well together.


We love crisp art and we have the highest ambition when it comes to the graphical dimension of developing casino games. Being a mobile first studio it also requires a tight communication between our artists and developers to get the most out of our assets.


The maths model is really where the game is defined. We work with statistical modelling, cloud based computing and big databases to develop, refine and verify our game models.

Our timeline so far

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