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Art Director

  Art Director till vår spelutvecklingsstudio – Vill du leda det visuella arbetet och skapa fantastiska spelupplevelser på en konkurrensutsatt världsmarknad? ELK Studios utökar sin…

Backend Developer – Go

  Is concurrency, functionality and scalability in your DNA? To ensure we stay ahead of our competitors and continue to build fantastic mobile casino games,…

2D Animator

  Do you know how to rock keyframes and in-betweens, visual effects and after effects? If you are a person who is constantly striving to…

Why ELK Studios?


ELK Studios was founded in 2013 as the first Swedish game studio with a clear focus on delivering quality casino games for mobile platforms. Our goal is to build the most entertaining games in the industry.


Our products are formed out of three primary disciplines. These are the challenges in which we strive to excel.

  • Art (beautiful and entertaining design, illustration, digital art and animation)
  • Technology (efficient, stable and robust software that never fails to provide maximum entertainment)
  • Math (clever statistical models that deliver fair and exciting game experiences)

Art and ideas

Ideas make up the primary currency at ELK Studios. 
Ideas are followed by concept and design.


The programmers job is to facilitate the transformation of these ideas into running software.


Since Our games are built from statistical models of probability, math is at the core of what we do at ELK. Correctness of the mathematics of our systems is crucial and we use a proprietary modelling system, inspired the famous Drakon-C language, to ensure that our math and number crunching literally is treated like rocket science.


We are located in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden!

What about you?

Anyone with a burning passion for art, design, math, or programming can find a home in ELK Studios creative environment.

Our office

Located in the heart of Stockholm, our office breathes warmth and openness. A place where creativity flows, teamwork thrives and individuality is welcomed. We take pride in our home away from home and work effortlessly in our goal to create the best workplace for everyone.

Our culture

The backbone of ELK Studios relies on Quality, Innovation and Entertainment. This also reflects our culture. We have a strong work ethic and strive to deliver excellence in everything we do! We encourage ideas from any direction to achieve the best outcome. And we never forget to connect and have fun, whether its during our Friday breakfasts, employee initiated lunch runs, ad hoc chess matches or spontaneous movie nights, all ideas to further connect and enjoy ourselves are part of what makes us ELK.

Our People

We are a force of +100 strong, all with different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs sharing a common goal. To be part of creating the best slot ever made.

The ELK Challenge of Secrets

Are you the one that can solve the mystery and get the honor to be known as the best of the best?

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Solve the Enigma and free the people

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