ELK Compete

Slot tournaments just got real

Level up with ELK Compete!

ELK Compete is an awesomized way to engage players while playing their favorite game. Connect players by challenging them to chase down Matadors in Wild Toro or see who can get the highest coin win in Vegas Diamonds!

ELK Compete is highly customizable, with the ability to run individual challenges as well as multiplayer tournaments on almost any in-game event. It provides instant visual gratifications to players for achieving point milestones, top positions and hitting big wins. Players will display their achievements and follow progress through the in-game flow and leaderboard.

ELK Compete works as an overlay to the original ELK game clients, with no need for additional development or integration work.

If you have our games today, you can run ELK Compete!
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Run ELK Compete!

With ELK Compete you can setup open competitions for everyone, or invitationals for a selected segment through the use of promotion code or by uploaded list of players. There’s no end to the possibilities!

Multiplayer tournaments

With ELK Compete multiplayer tournaments you can invite everyone to battle it out against each other. What game do you want to run, how long should the tournament be, what achievements should award points? Everything is possible. What ever you choose, you’re in charge!

Individual challenges

By setting up individual achievements you engage the player to reach a specific goals within our games. It could be knocking down matadors in Wild Toro, or sink ships in Wild Seas. Either you award each progressing step or when reaching the final achievement. Will you give the player unlimited rounds or set a fixed number of spins? All up to you!

The ELK Compete effect

ELK Compete has been tested and approved by a number of operators! The impact is clear, run ELK Compete campaigns and the effect will show.

Mr Green celebrated 10 years of entertainment this year, and choose to team up with ELK Studios to do so. During a full week, Mr Green gave their players that ranked in the top of the leaderboards in the ELK Compete tournaments a total of half a million free spins!

”ELK Compete allows us to easily add an additional layer of fun on top of traditional campaign mechanics. The in-game milestones and real-time leaderboard updates add excitement to the customer experience and offer our players more entertainment for their time spent with Mr Green.” – Jacqui Gatt, Head of games, Mr Green

“ELK always offers great games, a big amount of players participate to their competitions. The customers who were playing the game were so excited about to enter the leader board and to conquer the highest position possible.” – Vera & John

“The by far best looking and thought through tournament tool among all providers we’ve seen” – Danske Spil