Can you solve the enigma?


Welcome adventurers to a strange land!

This is a world of magic, potions, evil monsters and hidden dangers. But listen closely now for you are the last hope for this peaceful nation. You are in the land of Grimdoom the Dragonlord. Summoned by the former king you have been sent on a mission. Somewhere deep within the ancient dungeons of this sacred land lies a stone on which an inscription in the form of a series of mystical numbers may be found.

This ELK-stone possesses the powers of life, light and happiness. Long ago, before the land was conquered by the evil Dragonlord Grimdoom, who now rules the land with an iron fist, striking fear in the mildest of creatures, it was hidden deep within his caverns and locked behind an evil curse of encipherment. Can you solve the Dragons Enigma and free the people?

Good luck, brave hero!

    Mac SE-30

    Acorn BBC Micro

    Amiga 500

C 64

    Fujitsu Micro-7

Have you solved the enigma?

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