X-iter™ operator contest

Win a €250 Amazon gift card!

February 16th – 19th

Contest has ended

Final winners and prizes

The following 4 X-iter™ modes that count are listed below along with its winners. The leaderboard was updated daily. Latest update: February 19th, 13:56 CET.

X-iter™ mode Winning players High-score X-iter™ round Gift card
 patman@paf 6.66x Replay! €250
 mian31 5.69x Replay! €250
 Cip@888 15.20x Replay! €250
 Henrik@Hero 55.06x  Replay! €250



Contest details and rules

The top 4 players getting the highest x-win from 1 of 4 X-iter™ modes will be eligible for a €250 Amazon gift card. As always, it’s completely free to join the contest and all players will be given €20 000 as demo-credits to play the game Bompers with.

Please note the following:
– An x-win refers to the x-win from
all wins collected during an X-iter™ buy-in. For example, a total win of €600 from a €300 buy-in is counted as 2x, a total win of €500 from a €100 Buy Bonus X-iter™ is counted as 5x. 
– X-wins through 1x standard bet doesn’t count
– There can only be 1 prize per winner
– In the event of 2 or more players reaching the same high score in 1 X-iter™ mode, for example, if 2 players achieve max-win 5 000x from X-iter™  300x, the player reaching the high score closest to the end of the competition will be considered as the winner of that mode. 



The grind is gone!

Our third gravity slot Bompers will be released on March 2nd and is the first slot with ELK X-iter™ modes! Instead of the standard ELK Compete grinding prior to the release, we’re running a 3-day operator contest awarding the biggest x-wins from X-iter™!

The contest will be available on elk.run,  starting Tuesday, February 16th at noon CET and ends on Friday, February 19th at noon CET. Our 4 winners will be announced after the contest has ended.

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