Battle of Nitropolis

5 games, 4 clans, 1 goal

Reclaiming Nitropolis

Forced out of Nitropolis by Sergeant Nitro Wolf, the four clans had to find new ways to extract their precious Nitro. After years in exile, they are now ready to take up arms and reclaim Nitropolis. To achieve this, each clan member has gone back to their home turf to master their skills, in preparation for the final battle, the Battle of Nitropolis!

Battle of Nitropolis introduces a series of 5 games in the Nitropolis world, all with their unique mechanics and features. They do share one common goal, to hunt and destroy the one who once drove them away, Sergeant Nitro Wolf! 

The fight is on!

Starting February 6th, the Battle of Nitropolis includes a new Nitropolis release on the first Tuesday of every month for 5 consecutive months, concluding with the release of Nitropolis 5 on June 4th!

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