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God of snakes!

The spirit of Mayan Snake God Quetzalcoatl has protected the ancient city of Coba for thousands of years. To explore its chambers, one must face the spirit’s perilous traps to reach treasures amassing to 25000x.

Coba is a 7×7 slithering cluster slot. It comes with a unique tumble mechanic, multiplying wilds, and 4 feature levels of an ever-increasing amount of snakes.

Snake Meter

Every win counts towards a level up with more snakes entering the grid. Level one releases 1 snake, Level two releases 2 snakes, and Level three releases 3 snakes. At the highest level four, 6 snakes enter the grid at the same time.

Game Features

X-iter allows players to jump straight into the action with 5 different game modes ranging from a 2x bet with boosted features when triggered, to a 500x bet final stage feature. More info about X-iter™

Eat & Grow
Snakes eat symbols of the same colour to grow in length for even larger cluster wins!

Wild Multipliers
Snakes moving across each other leave a 2x wild. With each crossing the multiplier doubles! All multipliers in a cluster win are multiplied by each other.

Fun Fact
Coba means ‘waters stirred by the wind’, a suitable Mayan name as this settlement is surrounded by two large lagoons.

Game Data

Recommended size and ratio for desktop browsers

For the optimal gaming experience, ELK Studios recommend launching the game in 1600×900 resolution. If scaling is required, use 16:9 ratio.


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