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Third version

Lost in time, hidden in a chamber far away from the public eye, untouched treasures are waiting discovery. Not least the massive golden top-stones that once adorned the Great Pyramids.

We shift our focus from base game to the rewarding Treasure Room Free Spins bonus game. Being Mobil First! functions, features and animations need to fit perfectly in our player’s hands.




Second version

Hidden takes place at the Great Pyramids outside Cairo. In a colorful adventure a small expedition will search for the missing capstone.  

More symbols are added to the 5 massive falling blocks. With scatters in place we are working towards the bonus game and the hot reel must be polished to perfection. Spin and see our progress!



First version

“The sun falls on the pyramids and the heat makes the air vibrate. It is almost as if the pyramid come alive as you squint with the eyes due to the bright light. Suddenly…”

We are 1400 effective work hours away from finishing Hidden.
First version available. Did you miss our first version? Spin again and see where we are now!


Fourth sketch

Each symbol is important and deserves attention and time. It is the details that make them look stunning.

Third sketch

We get a drive to create features beyond the boundaries of imagination as we dig deeper and deeper into the pyramids to solve the mystery of the missing golden top-stones.



Second sketch

When the character is set, we start to understand its personality. Then we proceed and let it interact with the story.



First sketch

To create engagement in the game, we strive to find emotions. Our first draft set the path of the character.

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