Let the battle begin!

Kaiju are majestic creatures, cursed to grow crystals and gems on their skin. These heavy stones hurt and turn the Kaiju into angry beasts, taking out their frustration on humans.

All hope lies in the hands of our female cyborg, HA-42. She moves at the speed o light with her superhuman strength and infinite power source.  Still, even more important than her endless endurance is her compassionate human heart.

Spin and join HA-42 in the battle for mankind!

Human Android no 42

HA-42 is the ultimate weapon of humanity. Powered by a compact nuclear reactor, she hunts the hurting Kaiju down and removes their heavy crystals and gems for them to get back to their harmless state of hibernation. The collected stones are being used as a currency for trading among the humans, which makes them not only precious but essential for the survival of mankind.
Kaiju is a futuristic 5 reel slot designed for Mobile First. It brings a unique mix of free spins, wilds, sticky wilds and expanding reels. Paylines generate up to 7 776 ways to win and a chance to win as much as 130 440 coins.



Meta Data


The Japanese word ‘’Kaiju’’ literally translates to “strange beast,” but is often translated in English as “monster”.  In movies Kaiju are associated with a genre of films originally made in Japan in the 1950’s with creatures big as houses. The most famous Kaiju in all history is Godzilla.

Expanding reels

With Kaiju slot a new feature with expanding reels was introduced. Expanding reels generate more ways to win and allows the player to get up to 7776 paylines, if the Red Kaiju is defeated during the Kaiju Battle bonus game.

93 movies

Between the years 1954 and 2017, 93 Kaiju movies have been released. Of those 77% where made in Japan, 12% made in USA and only one Kaiju movie comes from Scandinavia, produced in Denmark 1961.

Vertical laser

A vertical laser is generated by three or more identical symbols connecting vertically. The vertical laser gives a laser beam which reveals a wild symbol on the row above and open up more ways to win and bigger payouts.  In the Kaiju Battle bonus game a vertical laser further opens up the game grid by expanding the reel upwards.

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For the optimal gaming experience, ELK Studios recommend launching the game in 1600×900 resolution. If scaling is required, use 16:9 ratio.


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Make your third spin!

Out of the three Kaiju, the Red Kaiju is the most powerful creature. It is the hardest Kaiju battle for HA-42 to win, but also gives you the sweetest rewards. All reels can expand up to its hot spot. For each expansion one extra free spin is handed out, and so the Kaiju battle bonus game continues.

Make your second spin!

The female cyborg HA-42 appears on the middle reels and trigger the Kaiju battle bonus game with expanding reels. Three or more identical symbols, which are vertically connected, generate a laser beam which in turn expands the reel with a wild. Vertical lasers extend the reels and activate the hot spots. When all the hot spots in each Kaiju’s unique pattern are activated, the majestic creature is defeated.

Try one spin!

Kaiju is a Mobile First game especially designed for portrait mode, with reels expanding upwards. Vertical lasers in the base game generate wilds and additional chances to win.


What is a Kaiju?

Kaiju are Japanese creatures of majestic size, cursed to grow heavy gems on their skin for humans to live on. Harvesting these precious stones release the Kaiju’s anger, and so the battle begins…

Game story

With no land to grow, humans rely on intergalactic trading for food and other essentials. The precious stones and metals found on earth are essential for our survival, but they are starting to run out. 

A female cyborg powered by a compact nuclear reactor, and most importantly her human heart, protects us from total extinction. With her lightning-fast speed, destructive fire power and persistent endurance she is mankind’s ultimate weapon.

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