Tahiti Gold


The return of the king

After a successful excursion in Ecuador, Kane jumped on a plane and started his long journey home for some well-needed rest. However, fate had a different plan in mind… Suddenly the engines start to sputter. The altitude drops fast. In the distance, a volcano island seems like the only hope of survival. The impact is rough as the plane hits the ground. Through fire and dust, Kane escapes the wreckage just in time before the remaining fuel explodes. As the smoke clears, Kane finds himself surrounded by hostile natives. However, the hostility suddenly fades when they discover the Eye of Tiki tattoo on his left shoulder. Behold, the king has returned!

Kane finds his new kingdom is overflowing with gold. There’s gold everywhere. The natives claim the source is the massive volcano in the center of the island. Could it be true, is the molten core of the volcano really made of pure gold?

The magic of avalanches

Colorful Tiki blocks fall down on top of each other generating massive and decorative piles. Any winning combinations starting from left to right will pay and explode to give space for additional symbols to drop down from above, potentially giving endless winning combinations. Avalanches add additional rows on top which increase the ways to win all the way up to 8 rows and 262,144 ways to win.

Meta Data

Eye of Tiki

Eye of Tiki symbols may appear in any symbol drop. Two of them trigger the feature that takes effect at the end of the avalanche flow. All symbols which are touched by or included in the area in between the Eye of Tiki symbols explode to give space for additional symbols to drop down. This symbol drop also adds an additional row of symbols at the top. So this is of course a great lifesaver, potentially giving additional winnings.

Wild Forge

The Wild Forge may appear on reel 3 to 6 in any symbol drop. It locks into position. Any symbol slot beneath it that opens up during an avalanche will be filled with a wild. A lucky drop of a Wild Forge on the top row could potentially result in a 7 row high stack of wilds. All the generated wilds become sticky during the free drops, increasing the chance of winning considerably.

Big symbols

All low, mid and high-value symbols exist in four different sizes, ranging from standard 1×1, to super 2×2, to mega 3×3 and all the way up to epic 4×4. These big symbols are really valuable since they are counted as containing the number of 1×1 symbol instances they cover, e.g. epic 4×4 represents 16 standard symbols, resulting in numerous win combinations.

Fun Fact

There is no word for “Please” because in ancient times French Polynesian culture genuinely shared almost everything, and there was no need for the word!

Game Data

Recommended size and ratio for desktop browsers

For the optimal gaming experience, ELK Studios recommend launching the game in 1600×900 resolution. If scaling is required, use 16:9 ratio.



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