The Lab

Crystals in a
multiplying Chemistry

This 5 reel slot gives you a gaming thrill worth coming back to. If you get the formula right you’ll enter the multiplying free spins mode where the real big win happens. This beautiful game is filled with backlight effects, crispy molecules and sound effects, everything based on a solid math’s model.

The Lab might look like an ordinary 5 reel video slot at first glance. But once you get in to the action you’ll discover something else. Hit the Lab symbol and 2 extra reels turn up from nowhere and just keep spinning. Good for you since all winnings are doubled in free spins mode.

Let the crystals spin!

Crystal Molecules gives high wins On a single line winning the green crystal can return 1000 times your bet and 2000 when you are in free spins mode. If the Lab-symbol hits position 2 on reel 2 you entering into free spins mode where all winnings are doubled and the Lab symbol turns into WILD. In normal mode you can hit X Scatters and double or even quadruple your winnings.

Meta data


The Lab was the first game where ELK Studios used Betting Strategies, a concept players have embraced in all ELK games since.


Chemistry and alchemy were separated as two different areas in 1661 by chemist Robert Boyle, but in 1783 is regarded as the birth of chemistry. Then Antoine Lavoisier discovered the conservation of mass.

1772 °C

The melting point of platinum is 1772 °C and the boiling point of 3827 °C. Gold however, melts at 1064 °C and begins to boil at 2808 °C.

30 times

Although platinum (Pt) count as the most expensive precious metal, and is more than 30 times as rare as gold (Au) as did gold symbol a higher value in The Lab. This is because gold is a more familiar precious metal and has been in most people’s eyes a really high value.

Game Data


8 of 10


Free spins, wild, multiplying scatter, re-spin on free spin

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For the optimal gaming experience, ELK Studios recommend launching the game in 1440×900 resolution. If scaling is required, use 16:10 ratio.


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