Wild Toro World Tour

The 5 year anniversary

Toro is back!

Wild Toro celebrates 5 years at the end of 2021! To celebrate this, we unleash Toro back into action with The Wild Toro World Tour  – three completely new Toro releases later this year.

After spending five years in the same plaza, it is time for the Toro to expand his arena globally, and charge head-first into 3 brand new releases!

Wild Toro II

The first stop in the Wild Toro World Tour begins October 5th, with the release of Wild Toro II. Updated mechanics and crisp visual effects ramp up the engagement level that players experienced in the original game.

Book of Toro

Following the release of Wild Toro II, we are proud to announce Book of Toro, to be released on November 2nd. Toro and Matador travel to Egypt on a chaotic quest to prevent Matador’s ancestor – the evil Captain Diaz – from finding the Book of Toro and ravaging the inner chambers of ABU Simbel temple, rumored to hold immense treasures.

Toro 7s

The Wild Toro World Tour concludes with the 3-reeler Toro 7s, released on November 23rd. Toro makes his first appearance in the ELK Classic Series, joining the ranks of previous releases such as Route 777, Ivanhoe and Win Win. Inspired by hard-hitting land-based mechanics, Toro 7s will engage players favoring highly volatile, classic slots.

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