People at ELK

“Just like our games, each person is unique and has something special to offer.”

We have fun together

Not only do we have our weekly Friday breakfasts, After Works, Kickoffs, and company happenings, our unofficial After Work chat is constantly buzzing with things to do outside of work as well.

What our talent has to say


“Some kind a quote that has been given to us.”

– Lina Bratt, Account Manager

“More text here, hopefully something inspiring!”

– Yrsa Thunholm, Business Development Manager

“Luckily our people have a lot to say:

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– Rolf Nordqvist, Account Manager

Our departments

ELK Studios consists of all departments needed as a game provider. All working under the same roof we have created a way of working that is agile, flexible, and efficient.


Our Product owners come up with the most innovative concepts for our games. They are continuously pushing boundaries with new ideas and keeping the iGaming industry on their toes.


Our Game Artists create, polish, improve and render the slot game graphics for our games for the best appearance. Assets are typically slot machine symbols, backgrounds, buttons, frames, text, logotypes, and various UI elements. Photoshop is our main art tool.


Our 2D Animators design and create the dynamics of our games for the best user experience, using game flows and animation effects to support gameplay.

Games run in web browsers on mobile devices and desktops. We use After Effects and in-house animation tools to streamline the animation flow.

We work in small multidisciplinary teams with short development cycles and great joint commitment to the end product.



The programmers job is to facilitate the transformation of these ideas into running software.


Since Our games are built from statistical models of probability, math is at the core of what we do at ELK.


Central part of development with building the game logic and implementing the game rules.


Our Compliance team is making sure we are following all industry standards, policies, and laws. They map out new market regulations and make sure we are compliant.

Sales and Marketing

Bringing our games to a broad audience and showcasing them in the best light! Our Sales team brings in new customers and takes good care of all of our clients by providing top-quality service.

Our Marketeers are providing us with smashing release campaigns and are the ambassadors of the ELK brand.

Join us in our journey of creating the best slot ever made!


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