Valkyrie – Our first 3D slot is now live


December 4th marks a new milestone in ELK history. It’s the date when we release of our first 3D slot Valkyrie. The game is hosted by the goddess Freya. She together with her four Valkyries help you on your quest from the fires of Helheim to the halls of Valhalla. The game is stacked with free spins, wild symbols, “EPIC” reel symbols and three exhilarating bonus features: The Shield of Chance, The Arrow of Fortune and The Sword of Destiny!

“We spared no expense when creating this game. From day one we knew that this game would push our own boundaries.  Everything from the statistical model and the beautiful artwork all the way through to the exhilarating game features, and beautiful soundscape, we have homed our skills and expertise on giving the players exactly what they want.  This game has been player centric in its approach to design from the start! We have listened to our players and we give you Valkyrie” – Chris Whittle, Casino Manager at ELK Studios



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